Radeon 4850 Crossfire - 1GB vs 512MB?

I'm looking to buy 2 Radeon 4850's in Crossfire configuration.

In a single card configuration, all the reviews show only minor difference between the 512MB and 1GB models.
However, I've read that in Crossfire configuration, the 1GB model is supposed to benefit from this extra VRAM.

Can someone tell me how big this difference is when in Crossfire? or point me to a review with some comparable numbers?
Is the difference enough to justify the extra $20-$30 per card?


EDIT: I'm currently using a 1680x1050 monitor, but there's a possibility that I might be swapping it for a 1920x1200.

-I have tried looking all over trying to find some data or information on how much difference there would be, but have had no luck.-
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  1. looking at a single card config, for 1680x1050 the 512MB should be sufficient but for 1920x1200 the 1GB is better.

    but in crossfire i,m not sure if the difference would be that big. my guess is that the difference will be less than in a single card solution.
  2. Yea, currently, the 1GB model is only $20 CAD more (per card) than the 512 mb model (Sapphire). If the difference is like 10% or more, I'd probably go with the 1GB model, but right now, I have no idea what the performance difference is when in Crossfire. :(

    Anyone with any numerical info would be greatly appreciated
  3. Considering the larger monitor on the horizon, i would get the 1 GB cards, price wise the differance isnt a lot and at the larger resolution the extra memory will come in to play.
    You do know that when you crossfire the two cards you dont get 2GB video ram ?
    You wouldnt run a single card of 512mb at 1920x1200 so it follows you need the 1 GB cards if you are going to get a larger monitor.

  4. Ok. Thanks for the help, now I have another dilemma lol

    I have decided to spend the extra money...

    but I'm trying to decide between getting 2x HIS 4850 IceQ4 Turbo 512 MB, or 2x Sapphire 4850 1GB (reference cooler).

    The price is about the same (in Canada) since the IceQ4 has the better cooler.

    the HIS IceQ has an awesome cooler that should yield some nice overclocks.
    and then the Sapphire has 1GB of ram....

    Any input would be great :)
  5. IMO Sapphire are the better manufacturer. Plus with the 1GB would there be any need for an overclock? The extra memory means less stress on the card so cooler temps. At similar prices it would be wrong to turn down the extra memory...
  6. If it wasnt for the 1920x1200 possibility i would opt for the HIS cards every time they have a lot better cooling solution compared to the Sapphire and are clocked higher. You shouldn't be looking for a major OC from a His ICE Q TURBO though, being a turbo card its already overclocked. Its possible the 4850 may be different but i have had 3 ICE Q TURBO cards now and the OC has been minimal.
    Crickey this is hard actually, personally i think i would still side with the HIS cards anyway and if i had to turn the detail down a bit when i got the bigger screen at least i would know the PC wasnt acting like a space heater :lol:

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