Worry about my case first or HS? And then which HS?

So I'm thinking about switching out my computer case (its an old chieftec Dragon). Its been moded to have a see-through top, 2 80mm front, 2 80mm back, & 1 80 mm side fan. While doing this I think I wanna upgrade the HS on my i7-920 which currently has the stock HS on it.

The case I'm looking at is the CM Storm - Scout case

Also thinking of either going with the CM Hyper 212+ or the Thermalright TRue Black
(mainly because its black and it will easily match the black EVGA mobo, & black case)

Now here's the point of question for the title. Using a cooking thermometer(I have nothing better) I'm at am ambient temp of around 26C(79F). The temp inside my case without getting too close to the CPU showed around 31C(86-87F).

My system monitor shows CPU at 42-44C while cores are at 49(lowest for core 3)-59C(highest for core 0 or 2) and the System temp at 29C at idle. At a 10% usage the CPU is 48-50C while the cores CPU is 57-65C. During loads I will see the cores go up to 70-76C. While not doing much video the GPU showing about 57C

I would like to OC this bad boy to get a bit more video encoding power out of it but with the temps I'm getting now, I'm not really able to do that (although I heard some people have been able to OC w/ stock). Your opinion to address this should I look at a better case first or do you think a HS would be able to suffice for now?

I'm debating between these two cause although I'm heading the 212+ is awesome I haven't seen it compared to the TRue Black and actually I haven't seen many article on the TRue black except this one but the temps don't seem to match up w/ Hardwarecanuks' temps. by a 14 degree difference w/ the ambient being 4 degrees different. In the end the ONLY thing keeping this an easy choice on my own is TRue Black is black and goes w/ the color theme and not seeing any tests that disprove it from being on par w/ the 212+.
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  1. i would upgrade on the HS because it has a direct effect on the CPU. case fans and better case air flow will just have a passive effect on it.
  2. ^Bump, Hs first imo as well,maybe a couple more fans to tide you over till you get new case too :P
  3. if i were you id worry about both truthfully. think about it, the case is your home base and tells you what stuff goes in it and how good the airflow is. As for a HS, the 212 is like 30$ i thought. if its possible save up for both at the same time (yes it may take longer, but youll be happier longer than you w8ed). i just got a new case, and my idle temps dropped alot just because of better vents and position of everything.

    IMO get this case, its 100$ but the best bang for the buck and is much better than the scout case:
    Lian Li: LanCool PC-k62 Dragonlord
  4. read this may help you:

    as I took a X6 1090 to 4.27ghz on air cooling with temps idle @ 22C and load @ 52C on a Prolimatech Megahalems Rev B /w 2x 120mm Yate Loon Fans rated at 88CFM, used case is a Silverstone Raven 2 with 90 degree rotated mobo design
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    I would think about upgrading both your case and heatsink before you think about doing too much in the line of overclocking. If you only replace the heatsink you will cool the processor more effectively, but you need to be able to get that hot air out of the case. This is why i would suggest getting a new case with some decent 120mm fans to push that air out. This also has the added benefit of keeping the rest of your components cooler, not to mention the decrease in ambient noise compared with 80mm's going full bore.
  6. I have actually went w/ the suggestion of both (why I didn't respond Sunday or till this morning). Right now I've only gone through and switched out the case. The Storm-Scout is quite awesome of a case but I fear the HS's I wanted may not fit too easily 'cause of the blowhole fan at the top.

    Just switching out the case though I've dropped about 4C on all 4 cores and the CPU temp itself has gone to 37C while the system temp went up to 34C (AC is off so room if a bit warmer).

    With the case I bought the 212+ for $20 at Micro Center near me. I'll be doing a test of my own on the 212+ as I've been iffy on some of the results I've seen on it. I'll be ordering the Fenrir I wanted by mail if I'm not too pleased on the 212+.
  7. well...are you please with the 212+??
  8. i4yue said:
    well...are you please with the 212+??

    Now that I finally actually got up and installed the 212+ I can give you an answer.

    I'm quite pleased with this. Both idle and full load temps have greatly improved!

    I'm now getting CPU temp at 49C, with Cores0-3 being 63,62,62,58 C while under load where before they were getting to 74-79C(74 being the lower and 79 being the highest). The temps that's based off is after the case switch. System temp now 36-37C (nearly same as when I got the other temps)

    I almost feel safe enough to OC this beast now.

    The 212+ also is amazing in the Scout case. You can have the HS vertical or horizontal. Right now I have it horizontal with the install fan pushing and the blow hole fan pulling the air.

    I think I may still get the Fenrir HS eventually depending upon the measurements.
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  10. Glad you got sorted man, Happy Clocking :)
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