Cannot figure out wireless problem for the life of me

Problem: New computer, (see specs below) has really shoddy wireless access. However, my netbook and my laptop, placed in the same location as the PC have excellent wireless performance.

Troubleshooting so far:

1) Speed test on netbook and laptop give 4mb/sec speed download, 384 upload. On PC i get the 384 upload, but speeds vary from 3 megabits to 512 kilobits. Strangely though, my bittorrent performance is excellent... i get 3.6-4mbit peformance.

2) Ping test (continuous 1024 bit pings: ping -t -l 1024 on netbook give average of 3 millisecond return time, with no packet loss. on PC it gives an average of 40 ms, varying from 3 millisecond to 200 millisecond. Also, some timeouts occur (about 1% of the time).

3) dB meter test (Inssider) says netbook recieves -75 dB, while in the same spot as PC, which recieves from -85 to -90 dB.

4) Netbook is XP, laptop is Vista, Pc has run all three (now is 7). Problem has existed constantly (under xp it was worse).

5) This is my 3rd PCI wireless card (has 3 antennas, says it's Xtreme and by all means should get a better signal than my lowly netbook), and all 3 have been placed on both PCI slots. Device manager has said they all work fine.

6) Did I mention this has been a nightmare?

7) There are few sources of interference, one of which was my bluetooth mouse and keyboard... but the problem persists with them gone, and I've changed the wireless channel from 1-11 without change.

8) I ran out of ideas, and came here for HELP!!!

So, I beg and implore you, community, to help me get this solved. Please... I'm gonna go mad.

Pc Specs:
i7 860, 4gig ram
Asus P7p55d EVO mobo


Wireless router: WRT54G v.6
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