Computer Reboot, for nothing?

My computer reboots on its own. No matter what I'm doing (internet, ms word, viewing photo files, etc.). At startup, the Asus EZ flash image appears and gives me prompts to view its current status. How do I find the exact update for my existing Asus EZ flash bios, and then install it to eliminate this problem? I'm desperate! Please help me! I'm not very computer savvy, I'm learning as I go. Please, be gentle.
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  1. Could be any number of things actually causing the problem. One common culprit in these situations is often a dying or weak power supply. Something to consider if a BIOS flash doesn't work.

    First thing you'll need is your exact motherboard model. You'll also need to know what Socket type it has. When you have that information, go to ASUSTek Support Website and fill in the selection options with Motherboard, Socket type, and the Model Number, then hit Search. You'll then have to select your Operating System, and upon doing so, you'll soon be presented with a complete list of files pertaining to your system, including BIOS versions, utilities, and drivers.
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