Water cooling high temps

Hi there everybody
i recently installed a new water cooling system into my computer
my room ambiant temp is about 22 degrees.

originally, i was using a Noctua NH-U12P CPU heatsync with fans,
my idle temps were about 27-29 degrees C and max load at 56C-59C

now i installed a Koolance CPU360 water block with a swiftech 220 rad,
my idle temps are 27-29 and max load is 50-55C. depending on time of day.

is this weird? i've tried re-seating the block twice and i keep getting the same tmeperatures.

my cpu is an i5 750 and i've overclocked to 3.6 Ghz with 1.22 VCore.
i've left the overclock the same on the heatsync fan and with the water cooling so its the same case for both.
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  1. is the watercooling components used or was it brand new. either way i usually open up the cpu block and inspect that it was manufactured correctly...just a habit i guess.

    could be the radiator having air bubbles in it and not cooling effectively...is your system totally bled?

    the first cpu block i bought from a friend had a silicon sealant that he used as a type of thread seal and some of that sealant actually got into the little heat spreader pins inside of teh waterblock and keeping it from cooling correctly.
  2. i bought it brand new, and i've never opened it to check yet.

    its a Koolance CPU 360
    and i've bled the system already.

    my order is pump -> rad -> cpu -> res -> pump
  3. the order of the loop wouldnt cause that big of a temp instability. if you end up deciding that u want to opening up the loop for any reason try checking inside the cpu heatsink.

    hmmm could it be your pump not giving enough flow? i think alot of the newer pumps allow you to control flow rates.
  4. i can pick my 'flow' rate, but even if i put it on the max, it doesnt make much big of a difference in temps. its give or take 1-2 degrees

    should i open up my cpu block to see whats causing it?
  5. what should the approximate temps i should be expecting if it was running 'correctly?'

    like 29 idle and 40 load?
  6. Well whats your room temp? 29C idle would usually mean your room temps are 68F-72F. Or lower. Your load temps are about where they shoud be, across the cores is pretty even.

    Flow rates as long as above 1.0 to 1.5 GPM have little bearing on temps. Your pump and block are giving you close to 2.0 GPM flow I bet, good there.

    Your rad is the min size for your CPU. Your fans can make a difference, if your pulling cooler room air, or using warm case air to blow through the rad. Also the RPM of your fans.

    Your temps are about where I'd expect them to be for your setup, nothing unusual.

    Your temps are wayyy with specs, so I'd say you did it just right, your expecting more than you can get with your setup.

    No one loads a CPU like that at 40C. I don't think even TWO 120x3 rads could do it.

    Ohh what pump do you have please?
  7. well with my setup i have only one old 120x2 rad and two misc fans that i found in a box and my load temps after running a amd's overdrive stability test its core temps are only 40. max ive seen it was at 41 after running for 30 mins
  8. but you would be the more experienced of the two of us. just comparing what i know with my system and his =P ahh and thats OC to 3.7ghz @ 1.4v
  9. woops didnt realize the i5 750 was only 2.6ghz...yea bumping it a whole 1ghz would give you those temps >.>...shoulda read more closely. my cpu went from only 3.2 to 3.7
  10. ahhh, thanks guys. both of you guys helped me alot.

    im using a swiftech 655 pump at setting 2. (out of 5)
    and im using 2 noctua fans blowing air from inside my case outwards at the minimum speeds. my case is a cooler master HAF922 which is basically almost free-flowing air because it has holes everywhere in it so i thought that wouldnt be a problem.

    Last night, i tried going 4.0 GHz to see what temps i would get, i got 40C idle and about 75 load. (a bit on the high side i believe when i read other people's i5 overclocking experience) my vcore was at 1.38 too.

    but anyways, thanks for the help, much is appreciated.
  11. oh and one more question, but shouldn't water cooling be cooler then air cooling?
    my room temps are 23C
  12. 23C is pretty normal. Your temps are better under load by a lot. Your pump at 2 is too low, I'd say put it at 3 min.

    Your using warm case air through the rad, so I figure your more like 26-27C air temps. Your rad is the minimum size for that CPU. Your doing pretty well for what you have.

    Watercooling is LOTS better, but if you short the rad/fans, then it's just better.

    You have a sucessful first build, as you learn more and upgrade you'll do even better.
  13. cudos to you and your overclocking adventure. highest i feel comfortable with is 3.9ghz which i have to go to 1.5v to achieve...a bit to high for me because 3.7ghz is only 1.4v 3.8 i have to use 1.45 and 3.9 i gotta use 1.5 if i go any higher i feel like i would fry my cpu =(
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