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I have a 4870 ATI ox black edition, and it used to work fine but lately my computer has been restarting unexpectedly during game play. I took a look at GPU activity and it was off the roof.. 99% just at the menu of crysis, and 50-99% during gameplay of almost any game.

With GPU activity increase comes temperature increase and that is probably why the computer would restart. I tried reinstalling the drivers but I got an error that said "Zero Display Service Error"... which really seemed weird because it didn't effect my normal installation and I can still play games like Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion at 35% GPU activity.

Please help!
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  1. oh, also, when it's idle, the GPU activity is 0%

    Edit: Woah weird.. I read somewhere that if you standby and log back in, it fixes the problem. I just tried this and it worked! I play crysis at 0% activity now and my card temperature doesn't even increase..

    I do not know if this is just a temporary fix, however. (i am saying this to help others with the same problem and I want your take on this or if anyone has found a different, less weird fix)
  2. okay nevermind, that doesnt work.. it just froze up my control panel readings so that it was stuck at a nice temp and 0% activity.
  3. someone please help!
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