Help with E5200 Temperatures Please

I assembled my first computer 2 days ago, and i think it is running a bit hot.

CPU - Intel Pentium Dual-Core E5200
HSF - Scythe Katana II
Motherboard - Gigabyte EP45-UD3L

It was running at about 40C (60C to TJMax) idle and 58C (42C to TJMax) under Prime95.

I then reapplied the thermal compound so it was not as thick, and resat the HSF, it now runs at 38C (62 to TJMax) idle and 51C (49C to TJMax) under Prime95.

It is running at 2.5ghz (250 x 12.5) with 1.225V VCore, and ambient temperature is 25 ~ 28C, the usual being around 27C.

The readings are from RealTemp with the TJMax untouched at 100C, and the motherboard BIOS reports the CPU temperature to be around 26 ~ 28C.

So which temperature should I trust? The BIOS temperature, or the temperature from RealTemp?
Or should I try to calibrate my temperatures according to this guide?

PS: I am using the Cooler Master Elite 330 case.
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  1. Whichever, your temps sound fine. The per-core thermal sensors are not designed to be accurate 50 or 60 degrees below TJMax; you only really care that they are accurate within 20-30 degrees and less below TJMax.
    Also remember that the temp sensor the BIOS reads is further away from the core hot spots than are the in-core sensors, so the BIOS should read a bit lower than the in-core temps.
  2. those temp are HIGH ... i ve build a similar CPU for a friend 2 months ago and with the STOCK heatsink and a 3.125 speed i had about 30c idle and 55 load with similar Vcore and 22-24 room temp but with STOCK HSF ....
  3. ^there are too many conditions to consider to make that statement

    Regardless, it is well within safe temps, nothing to worry about
  4. I agree, its SAFE temp. but lil high at my eye for an aftermarket HSF.
  5. well, my room is at 27C, can't exactly idle under that
    I calibrated SpeedFan like the guide said, and the calibrated temperatures r a bit lower
    I was just sort of concerned that it may be running a bit too hot
    Thanks everyone
  6. kirayamato26,

    Thanks for reading my Guide. Your temperatures are well within Intel's specs.

    From the Guide:

    Section 6: Scale

    Scale 2: Duo
    E8x00: Tcase Max 74c, Stepping E0, TDP 65W, Idle 8W
    E7x00: Tcase Max 74c, Stepping M0,TDP 65W, Idle 8W
    E5300: Tcase Max 74c, Stepping R0,TDP 65W, Idle 8W
    E5200: Tcase Max 74c, Stepping M0,TDP 65W, Idle 8W <--E5200
    E4700: Tcase Max 73c, Stepping G0, TDP 65W, Idle 8W
    E4x00: Tcase Max 73c, Stepping M0, TDP 65W, Idle 8W
    E2xx0: Tcase Max 73c, Stepping M0, TDP 65W, Idle 8W
    E8600: Tcase Max 72c, Stepping E0, TDP 65W, Idle 8W
    E8xx0: Tcase Max 72c, Stepping C0, TDP 65W, Idle 8W
    E6x50: Tcase Max 72c, Stepping G0, TDP 65W, Idle 8W
    E6540: Tcase Max 72c, Stepping G0, TDP 65W, Idle 8W

    --70--/--75--75-- Hot
    --65--/--70--70-- Warm
    --60--/--65--65-- Safe
    --25--/--30--30-- Cool

    Comp :sol:
  7. Mine is running really cold!

    BIOS & win utils report idle around 25deg c

    Using Asus P5QC
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