Complete newbie with a new rig and not sure on overclocking

I got a new system on monday this week and finally figured how to get into the bios today. i poked around inside and changed one thing in the AI section and got a blue screen. changed what i did back and fixed. I'd like to try overclocking but not sure on the steps and what i need to get into in the bios section. i have a phenom II x3 2.8ghz Heka BE with the m4a89gtd pro usb 3.0 board. stock cooler for now. got a rosewill challenger case too with three fans. i know i might sound stupid. i'm sure i'm not the only one. i'm sure i can overclock so some degree with a stock cooler. thank you.
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  1. check out the stickies at the top of the overclocking threads. they will walk you through everything. Keep in mind that you void all warranties once you start educate yourself before you start changing settings.
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    Erm, why do you figure you "need" to overclock?I figure that system should handle more then you can throw at it *mind you i have no clue what vid card you got*As a "newb" get used to your new PC, play some games and generally grow into it before you start poking around in the bios.But if you really want to overclock then do as japps2 suggests........
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  4. i have the hd radeon 5770 1gb card and 4gb 1600 ripjaw stick. need to get another stick. stock cooler for now.
  5. i'll stick with stock settings for now and then i might think of fiddling with stuff after my warranty is up. thanks for the suggestions
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