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I am currently running SLI with 2 BFG 8800 GTS OC. One of the cards took a dive. I found a few out there for about $300.

I am wondering if I would be better off buying 1 newer generation video card instead of replacing the the 8800?
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  1. I am also running 2 monitors, a 24" and 20" with these.
  2. Which 8800GTS? There is two; G80(640Mb) and G92(512Mb), they will not SLI together.
    This should be faster and is under $300;

    But, two words of caution; This card is over 11" (28.5 CM) long and can be quite noisy.

    PS if you have a G80 8800 GTS I happen to have one going (sort of) spare, which, spookily enough, is also a BFG OC card:) Post if you`re interested.
  3. It should be the G92. There is 1 GB of total RAM for the video cards.
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