AHCI MSI NVidia Chipset

I have read a few dozen forum posts on setting up AHCI drivers using the Intel driver set and all them are using an intel board. So my question is a little more modern.

Using a MSI motherboard with a Nvidia Chipset WITHOUT A FLOPPY DRIVE(come on really)

How do I install the AHCI drivers into the Windows XP PRO process. I even want to incorporate this into the Nlite software but it will be my first shot at using that.

So if someone wouldn't mind How do I make a good windows xp pro .ISO that just works well.

You instruct me how I will build it and share it.
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  1. Search for "slipstream xp" or follow this link that others have used: http://www.digitgeek.com/how-to-slipstream-sata-drivers-into-xp-cd/
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