Radeon HD 4870 high Idle temprature

My graphics card XFX Radeon HD 4870 1GB DDR5 (not overclocked) Idles at 70-75 degree Celsius. i believe this is in high zone considering no load. The temperature goes up to 80-87 degrees while gaming. I have 4 extra fans in my computer case for cooling. I manually increased the fan speed of my graphics card to 100% in the Catalyst control center and it does not seem to drop the temperature more than 2-3 degrees. I've manually checked the fan and it is running at its full speed. Please help.

My system specs:

Intel QuadCore Q6600 (2.4GHZ)
XFX Radeon HD 4870 1GB DDR5
PSU: 600 W Cooler Master
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  1. Well, AFAIK, this is actually normal for most HD 4870s.
  2. hi Lameow.. thanks for replying. I also read somewhere else that this is normal but my concern is the fan. Most of the ppl managed to drop the temperature (20-30 degree C) by increasing the fan speed which i think is quite significant. In my case the temperature drop is just 2-3 degrees even if i set the fan speed to 100%... Do you think my graphics card cooling system is faulty? I can get a replacement but i want to be sure. appreciate your help.
  3. Whats your case? How many extra 120mm fans do you have?
  4. I have the CM Gladiator 600 with four 120 mm fans. one front intake, one at the top, back exhaust and one on the left cover. these fans are running very quite and i guess they hardly blow any air. I had three of them plugged into the mobo and the front intake is directly plugged to the power supply (CM 600W).
  5. What's your idle clock speed? Normal is 240/500.
  6. Try using riva tuner and speedfan to speed up your fans, that might help, OR/AND buy a new fan. MY 9600gt fan runs 100% all time and the temp idle is 64C and ingame is over 102C because the fan is faulty, so i used a 120mm fan wchich is on top of it and now ingame i only have 78C.
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