New Build: Keep XP or buy Vista?

I finally got the last of the new system build in the mail yesterday. I'm building a e8500 system on a P45 board with a GTX 260 Core 216 graphic card. And I have 4 gig of G.Skill ram. After spending all this money I started to think maybe I can just skip on buying Vista and just reinstall my XP with SP2. I know I won't be able to use all of my ram that way, but should I just spend the extra $100 on Vista or would I do just fine if I keep my XP and save a few bucks and maybe just wait until Windows 7 comes out.....

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  1. Vista 64 bit, I've been using it for a year now and have had no problems, you need the 64 bit version to see the 4G of memory, you can only play DX10 games with Vista. My personal opinion is it works better than XP and looks better.
  2. Download Vista and try it out for the 30 day grace period. If you like it, buy it.

    If not go back to xp.
  3. i would say if you have the money to burn get vista, dont wait for windows 7 to come out because its going to be Cr@p with all the problems its going to have, just like every other OS Microsoft has made

    direct x 10 games and your full 4 gigs of ram.
  4. Vista is worth it.
  5. To get the full potential out of your system (DirectX10 is pretty) I'd just go for Vista. Frankly, although everyone "hates" Vista, and it perhaps used to be full of horrible bugs.... I've never had a single problem with it so far.

    Make sure you get the 64bit version though. :)
  6. I have Vista64 on my primary PC and Windows XP SP2 on my secondary (old) PC, and Vista is much better (very stable, looks nice, easier to do stuff).
  7. If you like XP enough, I would Wait a little longer and see what Windows 7 can offer (after about half a year on the market)
  8. Thanks... If I do get Vista, should I get Home Basic or Premium? Basic is about $20 cheaper.......
  9. Premium it supports more memory and has more features that are useful.
  10. ^ Actually only Premium 64 bit supports more RAM (aka over 4GB). Premium 32 bit is still limited to <4GB.

    roadrunner197069 said:
    Download Vista and try it out for the 30 day grace period. If you like it, buy it.

    If not go back to xp.

  11. Premium, basic is just that, basic, no Aero or anything.
  12. Vista versions compared
    I think Home Premium 64bit SP1 is easily worth the extra $20
  13. I have no use for the media center, so I went with buisness. And then I got enteprise through MSDN, and it's perfect. :P

  14. Thanks..... :)
  15. Double cookies to everyone for answering my question, too =)
  16. vistax64 man its crap on like a P4 3ghz and 512mb of ram, those days are over face it people! my e4300 @ 1.8GHz and 3gb 667mhz ram runs vistax64 ultimate seemlessly
  17. ^ True.
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