Move SATA/RAID disks from dead computer to replacement

Hello, I want to move my hard disks (complete with all data) from a dead computer to a replacement computer.
The specs of the dead computer are:
Intel D865GBFL motherboard
Intel P4 2.6GHz 800MHz 478 pin CPU
Promise SATA-150 PCI Raid card
2xSeagate 7200.7 80GB SATA-150 8MB 7200RPM drives
I don't NEED a RAID set-up on the replacement computer.
What specs are essential for me to look for on a (possibly second-hand) replacement computer?
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  1. Well you're definitly gonna make a big upgrade from that configuration. Just buy a modern office computer from HP Dell or someone else(i suggest and make sure it has a pci slot open for your raid card(most do). Try and make sure the computer uses a either an intel Core I series processor or an amd athlon 2 so you'll have a modern system.
    Once you have the new computer install your old hard drives and the raid card and recover your Data. Move it to the new computers hard drive and you won't have to worry about keeping any of that old computers hardware.
    Post if you need something else.
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