Completed my build, everything good, 2 problems though

well i completed my build
(e8400(with s1283 HS),p5q pro,4gig gskill,gtx 260 core 216, corsair 750w(overkill, but blackfriday sale),antec 1200(wasonsale)

surprisingly everything worked on the first boot. installed vista, left my comp on for a while, good temps, etc etc.

only thing that bugs me is when i start my comp it says that my harddisk isnt detected for a split second then boots into vista. i dont c why it shows that it isnt detected even though BIOS shows it in SATA1 or w/e

another prob when when i click the start menu and the shutdown red button, it only turns off my monitor and turns off the pc as if it were in sleep mode. when i press the power button it goes straight to the desktop. the only way i can acutally shutdown is if i press the start button and click the '>' arrow and click shutdown
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  1. Congratulations, you dont have any problems, other then being paranoid.

    The Hard disk not being detected is because you dont have a ide hard disk on your ide channel. You can disable that controller in the bios and you wont get the message anymore.

    The red button if you put your cursor over it you will see a bubble that tells you it keeps your session in memory and enters a low power state so you can quickly resume working.
  2. ah i c, thx 4 help
  3. If Roadrunner1 advice does not help. Then go to Asus VIP Forum board at link below to see if any one else had the same problem and what fix they found for it.
  4. You can change the default settings for the start menu power button. Here's the path if you're interested: Control Panel/System and Maintenance/Power Options/Change plan settings/Change advanced power settings/Power buttons and lid/Start menu power button. You can then change it to actually shut down instead of sleep if you want.
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