Ac\'97 on Windows XP. Sound is distant.

Ok, so I just recently re-installed my sound driver for my computer. I'm using Realtek Ac'97 drivers on XP. Not the issue. The issue is that the sound seems really distant. It had to be absolutely silent in my house for me to hear it. I'm amateur but if someone could help that would be awesome. :)
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  1. Did you check the volume on the audio settings? Speaker icon by the clock in the lower right corner.
  2. Yes I did. I have the volume all the way up in the audio settings and on the speakers. I barely hear a when a little bit of sound does play, my screen distorts a little. :(
  3. Is this happening with every sound on the PC? Did you load the correct drivers for the hardware? Why did you have to re-install the drivers to begin with?
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