Netgear WG311v2 Driver fail install with Win7 64

Oh boo hoo :cry: , another $40 bux down the toilet. The old Netgear WG311.v2 that worked acceptably for years will not function in the new replacement win7 box. So, it is down to either tossing, or finding a happy PCI slot in a different xp machine, and the hated go buy another one. Unless someone has seen a Win7 driver? Netgear did not have one.

Any good experiences out there with Win7 driver installs for 802.11 devices? I have one PCI slot the wg311v2 is recognised as an undefined network device. And a pair of the new dinky short PCIe 1x slots one of which has some sort of tiny modem jacked into it.

This box sets in the living room almost oposite corner of the house from where the DSL portal is situated. It was convenient to just have the card in it to be able to move the bulky desktop around when it comes down to bored with furniture arrangements. And it would be a headache to either hard wire under the house, or do an acrobatic routine to get around Heating and air conditioning ducts and Hi presure lines
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  1. hello there i am mahdi fadel from lebanon i have wg311v2 and i downloud the driver of it and it worked on windows 7 if you want the driver here is my e-mail adress : and i will help u
  2. A benevolent offer. I thank you. However, at this late date it is no longer necessary or feasable. 802.11g is lame dead tech.
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