Intel Pentium 4 3.2 GHZ / Intel D875PBZnot booting

Help please. I bought a used P4 + mobo ( Intel D875PBZ) + XFX 7900GS (AGP 256 Bt) + 128MB DDR 266 for good deal (if I can make it work). Seller told me he thinks the problem is the motherboard, it won't boot. So I paid him $20 for the combo deal and tried to troubleshoot the problem at home, I can't make it work! It is not beeping any error codes but when I took the memory out, it beeps. I ruled out the psu since I have a good psu. I think it might be the RAM. DDR 266 compatible with 3.2GHZ P4? I don' have any spare DDR.

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  1. I think you have bad memory or a bad memory slot.
    Test the memory with memtest86+ in another computer if you can.
    You should be using DDR-400.
  2. Ok, the DDR266 memory was bad, I replaced with DDR400 MHZ and it works!
    The 7900GS AGP card is junk and artifacts upon boot.
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