Hard drive won't show up after i set it to active


Ok So i have an external USB harddrive that is I accidentitally made active. After i did that, It won't even show up. While its plugged in i try to go to Computer Management or DISKPART it just stalls after i open computer management or diskpart won't do anything

If I shut down the computer and plug it in, and then start the computer. It hangs at "windows is starting up" and stays there indefinately until I unplug the USB harddrive in which case it starts up normally.

Please Help. Please note that I can't even set it to not-active because it stalls everything that is used for that (computer management and DISKPART) once its plugged in.

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  1. ohhh and if i plug it in i do get the sound letting me know that a usb device has been plugged in but once i try to click "safely remove hardware" nothing happens
  2. Ok so here's what i did in case anyone is wondering.

    I installed Ubuntu on my USB key.
    I opened ubuntu and ran disk utilities. I deleted the 3 partitions that were on there.
    I opened back up windows.
    I had to assign a partition to the drive in Computer Management.

    Bingo bango....FIXED
  3. GR8! Glad you got some help. :sarcastic:
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