Got a pci-e x8 slot. whats my best options to Upgrading Video card

hi, i currently have an emachines w3644 desktop computer.

i'm looking to upgrade the video card on a tight wallet. All i have found that i liked are video cards with pci-e x16. But the computer has a pci-e x8 slot. i don't know what to do. i've looked at a x8-x16 adapter and don't know how much that'll actually help. Does anyone got any advice or info for me.
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  1. That motherboard in your E-machine will handle a PCIex16 1.1 (or 2.0...backwards compatible) socket graphic card.

    I couldn't find any information on what power supply it has, you'll probably have to open it up to check it. If it has a 300w or higher PSU i'd go with a HD4670 graphic card, if 250w i'd go with a HD4650

    there are a number of other options available if those are budget breakers.
  2. Basically you can stick any PCI-e card in your motherboard, but since it is only 8x instead of 16x, you will take a performance hit if you install a video card that is too powerful. Thus, you will be wasting money.

    I would guess that a HD 4670 or 9600GT will work fine and should not be limited by a 8x PCI-e slot. Perhaps someone else can offer a better opinion.
  3. At that price this would be a better choice, the 9500GT DDR2

    But i'd recommend spending the extra $9 for the HD 4650

    Here's a hierarchy chart comparing relative performance of different graphic cards,2118-7.html

    here's a chart showing power consumption of different graphic cards

    good luck.
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