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Voltages greyed out when overclocking.

Hey, I have an Msi 790XT-G45 motherboard, and I've been overclocking. I can get up to ~3.4ghz from 3.2ghz on my Athlon x2 6400+, but it's really unstable... I went to change the cpu voltages to fix that, when I realized they are greyed out and not changeable... I can't figure out how to ungray them and be able to edit the values... any help would be great
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  1. Erm, with MSI you should press the "+" and "-" button on your numpad to change the values :)
  2. I tried that... It's stuck on auto :/
  3. I got an MSI 790FX and it works by pressing "+" or "-". I wonder that could be the difference. Can you get screen shot of your BIOS Cell Menu?
  4. No, I can't get a screenshot... camera's broken
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  6. Make sure to get the latest BIOS version.
    According to it should be doable.
  7. I just flashed my bios, to 2.3, and the voltages are still the same... any help would be great thanks :)
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    Hmm well I don't know man it sounds pretty wierd. I suggest you go over to the MSI forums and see if their tech guys can help you.
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