Pc doesnt detect third graphic card in device manager

I have built a new pc, installed all the drivers, everything went smooth but when i checked my device manager i saw only two graphic cards there so i updated my windows, but the problem is still there, and
when i check the adapter information i get this :


Total graphic memory: 3070
dedicated graphic memory: 1024
system video memory:0
shared system memory: 2046

My system specs:

Gigabyte X58 EXTREME
core i7 920 @ 2.66 ghz
3x GTX 280 XFX XXX
X3 1600 watt PSU
6gb Corsair 1600mhz at defult timings

If anyone has any idea about whats going on i'll be really grateful

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  1. i have the same problem with 3 gtx 260's. Just wondering if you ever solved it.
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