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I recently bought a P5n73-AM asus board, because of its PCI express x16 slot.

I was currently using a PCI express 4x or 1.0 on my last motherboard, So i figured my video card would work alot better if it had a proper BUS.

I bought the Nvidia 9600 gt oc from bfg, 3d benchmark 05 with 7400.

I took all my stuff from my main board (except the board, and power supplY) and put them into my new pci express 16x board.

After installing windows, latest nvidia drivers, and direct x 9.0c. I still got 7400 in 3d mark 05!?

Is a pci express 1.0 powerfull enough to handle todays latest GPUs ? I wasted my money here didnt I ?
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  1. I'll use logistics as an example.
    Say your GPU is your shipping warehouse. It can send out 100 trucks a day to a different warehouse. Think of PCIe as lanes on a highway. On your old mobo, you had 8 highway lanes, you've now increase the highway to 16 lanes. Yet your warehouse can only send 100 trucks a day.

    The way to increase your performance is to get more trucks on the road.

    You'll see more performance gains by moving to a better graphics card. Substantial increase would be for Nvidia: GTS 250 or higher. Moving to 9800GT is not worth it.

    Just want to add, it will take a GTX295 or HD4870X2 to fill the bandwidth of PCIe 1.0.
  2. aRGH!!! I spent money, checked that the card delivers 57gb/s and it doesnt seem PCI 2.0 even delivers that kind of speed. I must be confused what exactly does this mean ?

    Im going to bring my motherboard back, pay the 15% restocking fee, and just use the money to upgrade my video card to a 9800 gt!

    Are you 100% sure that even the 9800 gt when overclocked will exceed the limitations of 1.0 ?
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