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I'm very satisfied with the specs offered in Dell's new Studio XPS laptop which includes 2.4 GHz 3MB L2 as the lowest possible option!

The old XPs notebooks had the nvidia 8600 GT cards which are admittedly old. While I am up to date on nvidia's stuff, I'm not very knowledgable about ATI.

The new Studio XPs notebook features the 512MB3 ATI Mobility Radeon HD 3670. I was wondering about the quality of this. All the other features of that notebook are brilliant. Can someone advise me on this, as I intend to purchase it next month? This is the only point holding me back. If possible, can someone compare it to an nvidia card?

Thank you very much for taking the time to read and answer. :)

ETA: I'm making the purchase in Malaysia. I see that the US DELL site is offering ATI Mobility RADEON® M86XT - 512MB for the Studio XPS. :o
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  1. I personally favor ASUS as a gaming laptop. I'm not a real fan of Dell in that area. They get more expensive than they need to be. You can get an Asus notebook with an NVIDIA GeForce 9800M GS card.
  2. I just bought an ASUS for gaming and I love it.
    The Quality is really top notch.
  3. +1 for an ASUS for gaming. Or if you got the money a Falcon Northwest. Can't beat their support (100x better than Dell/HP).
  4. MSI also has some good low-cost gaming laptops; they have one for $800 with a GeForce 9600GT, 2GHz AMD dual-core, 4GB DDR2, 250GB HDD, and Vista Home Premium for $800. It also has a turbo button which overclocks the CPU. Here's the linky:
  5. Shadow703793 said:
    +1 for an ASUS for gaming. Or if you got the money a Falcon Northwest. Can't beat their support (100x better than Dell/HP).

    Actually, Dell XPS support is an absolute model of perfect customer support. Unlike their standard support, which sucks, the XPS support line (available 24/7) is actually a reason I would recommend a Dell XPS to someone looking for a laptop or prebuilt. It probably isn't quite up to Falcon Northwest standards, but it is excellent nonetheless. For example, my XPS M1710 had a battery life problem after about 10 months of owning it, and Dell shipped me a replacement battery, no questions asked. It arrived via airmail the day after I called, even though I called at 6PM. There is a price premium compared to Asus though, although Dell XPS are cheaper than Alienware at least.
  6. I don't have issues with Dell Support.
    I've always found it excellent. (On-Site Laptop Repair is Great.)

    However, even with the 3670 Graphic Chip, its not as fast as many of the other solutions from other vendors now. But at least the Price is not too bad on the new model.
  7. you may want to consider SAGER notebooks too,they have a very good spec/price and their support is good too.
  8. I was not aware Dell XPS models had a seperate support group at Dell. That is interesting to know. I have nothing against dell, I have just found their consumer support lacking in the past. We use them as our corporate standard, optplex and latitudes, and have great support. When you buy a $500 machine from them apparently you get crappy support to. haha. Serves people right for replacing their 5 year old machine that cost $1500 with a $500 replacement. Haha

    I do like Dell XPS laptops, however I find to get what you really want you end up paying an arm and a leg. It seems Asus focuses more on what is needed, like a good dedicated graphics card.
  9. The ATI card on the Studio 16XPS is not very good at all, probably on par or worse than the 9600 offered on the new 13. I was waiting to buy a new laptop until I got the final specs on both models. The 9600 is not to bad but I was looking for something in a 9800 class and was hoping these new models had it.

    Needless to say I just ordered an Alienware m15x with 9800 instead.
  10. This will be my 1st laptop but did any of you try Gateway lately? Their FX line of laptops seems to be far superior in price/performance than anything else I can find. I'm looking at purchasing model P-7805u. Only bad thing I've heard is that their support really blows so I think I may get the Best Buy (Geek Squad) warranty.

    Intel P8400 C2D @ 2.3 Ghz
    4 GB DDR3 RAM
    9800 GTS 1GB
    17" WUXGA 1920x1200
    320 GB 7200RPM SATA HD w/open bay for second drive
    Vista 64-bit

    Only $1,149!

    If there's a better model out there in this price range let me know so I don't make an expensive mistake.

    Edited to correct specs
  11. ^
    I've seen a few Gateways like this that looked sweet. It's nice to see Gateway hasn't completely gone down the tubes. Their current stuff is WAY better than the Gateway 2000 crap from years ago.

    I've seen some Toshiba's that are nice as well.
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