Will it fit in my future case?

I am planning to buy ASUS TA-M11 which is with the following dimensions: 190 x 433.8 x 475 Now, I have hesitation because I've bought Prolimatech two weeks ago and now I have to make decision either to buy this case or to pick another one.. Here are Prolimatech's dimensions: 130 x 74 x 158.7
Any help will be greatly appreciated.
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  1. the case looks like it fit a prolimatech. if i understand you correctly, you are looking at getting a different cpu cooler cause it might not fit? it should fit and the prolimatech is definently worth it no matter how big it is!

    FYI my core i5 750 @ 3.2ghz 1.1Vcore idles at 29C and maxes at 50C!
  2. No, I already have PM and I don't have intention to replace it with another cooler. Primarily, I would want to buy this case but I ain't sure that is going to fit so i decided to ask here. Anyway, i'll buy it because PM is fitting in his smaller version of the case (I don't remember exactly its name) and thus Megahelms will fit into TA-M11. By the way, I have i5 too, its adorable CPU for the money i bought it :)
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