Need help making new build like new again

Hey Guys listen I just finishing putting together my computer and it all works fine, however I messed up one of my registry files or something. In any case, I want to format my build to the way it would be before I installed anything in it. BTW, I dont have any of my disks besides Vista. I left my mobo disk and graphics disk in my dormitory. I am going to download the drivers and put them on my external. What steps do I have to follow in order to make this comp like new again?
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  1. Enter BIOS and change the boot order so the cd/ dvd drive is the first boot device .
    Put the vista disc in the drive and reboot .
  2. okay sounds good,
    quick question, When downloading the mobo drivers, do i download everything they offer for it, like audio, update, disk driver, etc??
  3. I would
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