PCIE Extension cable or something exist ?

You know how goverment owned companies usually complain about having no money all year, and end up spending a **** on half-badly-planned stuff just before the budgets are 'reset' ? Well that's what our company did too. And I was given the task to find suitable graphics card upgrades for 28 computers relatively quick. And being one of those who read almost all articles on toms, I quickly found some nice performing cards at acceptable low prices with what I must assume is low enough power consumption. I ordered, I got cards. I got scared!
Now the cards are currently in an office elsewhere in another town, and I'm going there tomorrow. But I've realized a major problem.
Our cards meant to go into hp dc7800cmt and dc7100cmt mashines. Those are hp miditower work pc's. While they do have a pcie x16 slot, I didn't consider the problem poor layout of the motherboard. At least on the 7800 - the type of pc I'm using every day, though with onboard graphics, the pcie x16 slot is the upper most, making it impossible to insert a dualslot card. Even if we'd cut the chassis back to make room, we'd hit the cpu cooler with the front.
I need something like a wonder now. Perhaps something a bit more likely would be some extension cord so we could use a slot lower down, or flip the card sideways or something. I've contacted our hp retailer for solutions, but I don't think they have any, so I'll save myself a bit of time and ask here at once. I do build my own chassis from time to time, but on my job that's not going to happen. We need something a bit more straight forward and simple.

Right now I've just got 28x MSI N9600GT-T2D512 512MB DDR3 SLI (which come with the molex to pcie power adapter that the power supply doesn't have).

ps. as of lately my submit and preview buttons are in german in the forums? I know german, so no biggie, but wierd still.
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  1. Ye something like that. anyone know a company that makes those things - but for pcie not 32bit pci obviously
  2. actually, sorry that is only PCI, these are PCIe x16:

  3. Just to get this closed off.
    We were lucky. Only the hp dc7800 series has the issue. Caused by HP deciding to have the opening side on the right instead of the normal left - so everything is the wrong way around.
    Anyway. Since that isn't the case with the older computers, we'll just upgrade four of those and give the old 7600gt cards to the dc7800 mashines.
  4. 2013 update (because this topic is high on google's rank):
    PCIe x1 extention cable for 2,33US$

    If the link doesn't work, here are ebay's keywords: PCI-E PCI Express 1X Slot Riser Card Extension Flex Relocate Cable
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