Thinking about sending my 4890 back for RMA

I have had a few problems with my XFX Radeon 4890.

First, whenever I move the core clock above 870 (stock core clock @ 850) the card overheats and crashes within minutes. The card also overheats and I experience the vertical lines going down the screen. I have never RMA'ed anything before and I was wondering if anyone had any experience doing it.

Will they send me back another 4890 or a different card?

What will happen if they do not think anything is wrong with the card?

My previous RMA request expired (expired May13th) because I was hesitant to send the card back. Will this be held against me?

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    The card is only rated to be stable at its stock clocks, anything over that it a bonus. You can't RMA a product because its a bad overclocker. Why not manually up the fan speed on the card so it doesn't overheat?
  2. How hot does it get before it crashes?

    Is catalyst overdrive automatically upping your fan speed?

    My 4890 idles at 60c (high I know, but its normal) and gets as high as 80c. And I think 63c/85c overclocked.

    This is with a 4870 chugging under it.

    If you're overheating/unstable at stock at a decent fanspeed i'd send it in. However, like omg said, if this is only when you OC you'll likely get your card sent back to you.
  3. It gets between 75-85c before it crashes. It sometimes becomes unstable even at stock clocks.
  4. I know my friend's 4890 crashes with even a slight overclock. I think this is normal.
  5. cowgod2007 said:
    I know my friend's 4890 crashes with even a slight overclock. I think this is normal.

    Thanks for the info. I bought a new case (Antec 902) and everything runs 10C cooler. Like your friend, I can not overclock it at all. Although I have heard some people can overclock their 4890 with ease.
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