FPS problems with brand new rig

Hello all.
I realize there are a lot off these topics (i have searched all over the net!) and Toms hardware seems to have the best community so i came here for answers.
okay so i have built a fresh new pc from scratch and i am getting less fps then i should. i have looked everywhere for answers and i am really disappointed because this is my first own rig :( i would greatly appreciate and answers. My specs are as follows.

windows vista home premium SP1 32bit

MOB: Gigabyte GA-EP45-DS3 P45+ICH10 DDR2 1200 1600MHz PCI-E 2.0 SATAII GLA
CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo E8400@3.00ghz (will OC to 4.0 once i find out my problem)
GPU: MSI 4870-512
RAM: Crucial Ballistix Tracer 2G Kit(2x1024M) PC8500 1066MHz DDR2 CL5
PSU: cooler master 650W

I have spent quite a alot off money on this rig and its a fesh new out off the box shouldn't have problems ;(

Well thanks guys in regards..
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  1. How low FPS and with which games?
    Have you made any changes to the MB BIOS?
    Is this a new Vista installation, and if so has it finished or have you stopped the hard drive cacheing process?
    Vista really seems to need more than 2Gb of RAM.
    Are all your drivers bang up to date?
    Download and use CPUZ to check the PCI-E link is running at X16 (it`s under the MAINBOARD tab, at the bottom).
  2. Thank you for the reply.

    I have not made any changes to the MB BIOS all settings are default there.
    Vista is fully installed, And it seems to be running okay.
    Oh okay really. I thought i would be alright with 2gb of faster ram :( maybe not
    And i am using 8.12 for my Card
    I have GPUZ? and it says "Bus interface : PCIE 2.0x16 @ x16 2.0. that should be right i it says 16x?

    And as for games CSS can drop to as low as 40-60 fps and my higest would be 200 fps but my mates with worse pcs then me get more.
    On crysis warhead it is 12 fps always, unless i look into the sky its about 40 :(
    And COD:WAW which i thought would be smooth as, it can get as low as 13 fps highest 40..
  3. What resolution and settings are you running in those games? The 4870 shouldn't drop to those frame rates unless you are at an extreme resolution.
  4. Hey, um i got a new monitor because i was using a CRT, so i have a 22 inch it goes up to 1920x1080 but i use 1680x1050 in game.. but also the thing is i have tryied much lower resolutions and there is no change in fps whats so ever. I have looked all over the net and have tried a lot off things i know i can get much more fps then this :( thanks for the reply.
  5. go to ccc > 3d > all settings > wait for vertical refresh option.

    put the slider to "off, unless application specifies"

    or click on the downward arrow on the preferences option (that will be on top of the CCC window), then click on restore factory defaults.

    are you also using the latest version of CCC? catalyst 8.12 that is.
  6. Only mentioned the memory as a side issue, but if you`re experiencing lag, long load times it takes a while to change users or taks, you`ll know why.
    The PCI-E links are fine.
    Check Task Manager to see if any programs or tasks are using a lot of CPU time.
    Make sure your MB drivers are installed.
    Only play in fullscreen, not a window.
    Use either Sandra or Memtest to check your RAM is working and up to speed.
    You have plugged BOTH power connectors into the HD4870, right?
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