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is it possible to configure the wn802t as a range extender for a celcom acess tel wireless receiver router
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    I understand what the "wn802t" is, but not sure what a "celcom acess tel wireless receiver router" is. Maybe make & model would help. I'll just assume it's a cellular-based wireless router for now.

    The Netgear WN802T can extend another wireless signal through wireless bridging. It uses a technology called WDS.

    [wireless router (wds enabled)]<--wireless (wds link)-->[wn802t (wds enabled)]<--wireless-->[pc]

    But there are several caveats.

    1. WDS must be available on both sides of the wireless bridge (the WN802T and your wireless router).

    2. WDS is not a wifi certified protocol, therefore compatibility is always an issue. Implementations vary and therefore the chances for success are greatly increased if both devices are from the same manufacturer. In fact, sometimes the implementation will vary across product lines within the same manufacturer. So it’s always an iffy proposition if it will work even under the best of circumstances.

    3. WDS often has other limitations (e.g., it sometimes only supports WEP).

    4. Beware that any wireless clients at the bridge will minimally see their bandwidth HALVED since access to the Internet requires two serialized wireless transmissions (wireless client to wireless bridge, and wireless bridge to wireless router). And the more wireless clients you add, the worse it gets.

    In summary, forming a wireless bridge for repeating/extending purposes is probably not going to work unless you have a Netgear wireless router. While it’s possible another manufacturer’s wireless router might work (presuming it at least supported WDS, which is the exception, not the rule), it would be pure luck if it did. But if your wireless router at least supports WDS, it’s probably worth trying (just don’t drive yourself nuts if it doesn’t work).

    P.S. Of course you can always extend a wireless router’s reach by patching the Netgear WN802T via wire to the wireless router:

    [wireless router]<--wire-->[wn802t]<--wireless-->[pc]

    But that’s not usually what ppl are looking for, most ppl want a wireless bridge and that has been my assumption here.
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  3. Thanks for the reply. I was trying to make it too complicated. Pluged it in , set the tkip and it works great.
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