Adding more than 2gb memory question

Hello everyone,

I have been eyeing the new Windows 7 release and I've decided to go for it when it comes out. I know that it isn't released yet, so I will not ask questions about it. However, it is important to remember in answering my question ( i think).

Anyways, I think I should add more ram to my desktop, which currently has OCZ gold 2x1gb ddr2 @ 400mhz (800mhz ddr). However, I have been thinking of getting two 2 gb sticks to put in my system as well. My question is what would i take a small performance hit if I had a total of four sticks in my motherboard versus two? In other words, would I be better off with 2x2gb or 2x2gb + 2x1gb?

I know I WILL NOT utilize all the ram, but if it doesn't hurt, why not keep my old memory in there right?
I was thinking of doing the upgrade this summer because no one knows when ddr2 memory will start getting expensive as ddr3 becomes more popular. I'd much rather spend $45 on memory versus the $200+ I paid for my 1gb sticks back in '06.

System specs:

C2D e6400 (stock 2.13 ghz for now)
2x1gb OCZ gold memory ddr2 800mhz
evga 9600gt
gigabyte 965p ds3 rev 1.1
320gb seagate (main)
160gb (backup)
antec truepower tp II 550watts

Thank you!
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  1. I currently have 6 GB exactly like you mentioned in my ASUS P5B Deluxe P965. I dual boot as a gaming rig for my son. He uses Vista 64 by now, but the XP installation is installed on a second hard drive and runs fine with the 6 GB's of system memory. Vista and Windows i7 use Superfetch which remembers and stores bits of the applications you use most in memory. Less searching of the much slower hard drive with Superfetch. Windows XP uses prefetch and has no such capability. I use 8 gigs in two of my other Vista 64 machines and is suits my needs fine. depends on what you want to do. RAM/CPU intensive software like video encoding make good use of the quads and the additional RAM. Go for it.
  2. ^+1 for Badge

    I have 6 GB setup the same as Badge and am currently tri booting with Windows XP Pro 32bit, Vista Ultimate 64bit, and Windows 7 64bit and was concerned that the XP may not work with the 6GB but so for I have had no problems. I say go for it.
  3. Be sure to buy the same RAM as you already have, just 2 x 2 GB. To add to your existing 2 x 1 GB. At least try to match the speed, voltage and timings to what you already have.
  4. Okay cool.

    Thank you for all your input!
    I looked into a q6600 too but it's almost $200. Not worth the money, I'd rather save up and build a new rig within the next year or two.

    I also just saw Tom's brief article about windows 7 requiring 2 gb of memory to run XP compatible software, i.e. games. Good to know if you have a lot of games that'll only run on xp or earlier and not vista. I've got a few games like that.

    As far as Windows 7 goes, it sounds like what everyone hoped vista to be. XP with the right improvements.
  5. I'm running Windows 7 64 BETA on an ancient Socket 939 NF4, AMD Athlon 4000+ 2.4GHz. single core, 2 x 1 GB OCZ Platinum DDR 400MHz., 7900GTO. A C2D and 6 GBs DDR2 800Mhz. will spin Windows 7 64 around prety well I imagine. 8)
  6. I ran Vista BETA 32 with an Athlon 3200 2.2GHz. Socket A, 2 x 512MB DDR 400 MHz. Value RAM and a Radeon 9200 128MB. 8) I still have it.
  7. Nice to know, thanks badge!
    Sounds like windows 7 would run fine on my 2003 dell even! XD

    I'm still surprised how long my C2D chip has lasted, performance wise I mean. I just envy the people who have $800 to spend every year or two for new hardware.
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