Decent, quiet yet "not HOT" graphics card, PCI Express

So I am replacing my old computer. It used AGP. I had a AGP Nvidia 7600 GS. Which really was enough performance for what I do.

I'm no looking at getting a similar, a bit faster PCI Express card for my new system. But I like the fact that my AGP 7600 GS was fanless, i.e. quiet. And it idle's at 40deg C, and would pop up to 60 max if I was really playing some 3D games(I play old games yes)

I bought an fanless XFX 8500 GT PCI Express card, but the sucker idles at about 80 degress C! And it is slower than my 7600GS AGP card.

Anyone have a good experience with a quiet, yet somewhat decent and "cold/cool" graphics card? I've heard the 8800GTs are quiet, but hot.

Space in my case, is no problem. Length, slotwise. I'm never going SLI, I probably will never add in another card, as the onboard NIC and audio are fine with me.

I'd really appreciate some ideas, I've been out of the loop on hardware for awhile, last system I built was back in 1996/7. When TomsHardware was something like I think... (I miss my old Socket 7 FIC PA 2007! :>)
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  1. Here's some good choices. 2 9600GT's, 1 HD4670 and 1 HD4650 that should be good for what you want with more power then your old AGP 7600GS.

    Not sure about this one, heat sink seems to be pretty small

    Handy graphic card hierarchy chart,2118-7.html
  2. VGA cards are designed to run hot, and they do. It should not be a problem, unless your case has poor ventilation.
    I like the cards that come with a dual slot cooler that sends the hot vga air directly out the back of the case, instead of recirculating it. An efficient cooler lets the fans in both the vga card and the cpu stay on low speed.

    How about something like this EVGA 9600GT for $85 after rebate?

    For the fanless equivalent, there is the ASUS for $100 a/r:
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