I have a D946GZAB

I want to reformat and install Windows XP Sp2 on my computer.

I can't boot from CD-ROM!!

I put the CD-ROM as first to boot... though it doesn't say "press any key to boot from cd..."
It still boots directly to the hard disk...

the CD-ROM is IDE and the Hard disk is SATA. I set the CD-ROM to master IDE, I'm sure the CD_ROM can read the CD because I can access it's files when I boot the current OS on the Hard disk.

Help!!! Please??

I need an answer immediately!! X_X Thanks!!

Any help or suggestions are appreciated!!!
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  1. change the boot priority in your bios and put the cd drive above the hard drive
    you can access the one time boot menu of your bios with a different key(F12 for dell's, F8 for Asus Motherboards)
  2. Are SATA optical drives bootable now? They weren't a couple of years ago. I switched back to IDE after experiencing this problem firsthand.

    The New Number 2
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