Vertex 2 Speed...Slower than expected.

Hello, I purchased my Vertex 2 50gb 3 days ago, put my OS on it and it boots Windows fast as hell. But when I run HD Tune it says my SSD Reads at 186 MAX, 165 Average, 116 Min. These seem pretty low in my opinion, are they? I tested my RAID 0 with 2 1tb drives and its Average on HD Tune Pro is 198! Alot faster than my SSD. Whats up? My RAID Controller is ICh10R, and its set as RAID. I was told that the SSD perfomance wouldnt be effected by it being in RAID. That a problem? Are these sats low or just me?
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  1. enable AHCI in the bios
  2. That's fine. The reason SSDs are so fast is because of their incredible access time, not just the transfer rate.

    (Oh, and ignore wiinippongamer, unless you want your RAID array to disappear)
  3. i was trying to help, i had read in many forums that after enabling ahci the transfer rates were as advertised, i dont know much about raid setups.

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  4. Generally, the bios has 3 settings for SATA transfer mode. IDE mode should be avoided with any modern drive. AHCI is the right choice if you have only single drives, and RAID is the right choice if you want to run a RAID array. On almost all motherboards, RAID mode also enables AHCI, so going from RAID to AHCI would do nothing other than simply eliminating the RAID array.

    Oh, and screw you too :sarcastic: .
  5. Try doing comparisons of 4k random read/write benchmarks between the SSD and HDD setup. The results will be staggering.
  6. It seems that current SSDs only get close to their rated speed when using large transfer sizes.
    If you change the default transfer size in HD Tune from 64K to 1MB you should see better results (File -> options -> benchmarks -> block size).
    I have tested my Vertex 2 60GB (which has the same speed as your SSD) on different computers and SATA controllers and have seen results varying from 195 to 245 MB/s so the speed also depends on other system components.
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