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I was thinking about going for an A+ certification, but i was wandering if the majority of employers require you to have the latest "A+" cert. for example right now its (2006) edition maybe next year there could be a (2010) edition. Would the majority of employers require me to go back and get the (2010) edition or do they view just having the A+ cert as being good enough?

The reason I ask is because i have nothing to do over the summer and was thinking of picking up the A+ cert, however i might not put it to use until after i get out of college in about 2 years (Computer Science).

* There is no (2010) edition i'm just using it as an example of having a older A + cert.
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  1. Put it this way:

    Take the cert!

    A+, last time I checked, is never expired but CompTIA might put expiration date in the future. When they do, it is most likely a lengthy one, like at least 3 years.

    The paper will get you in the door, the interview that is. Beyond that, when you can show them you can do the job, it won't matter. Employers won't require you to take latest version of the exam
  2. A+ is a start but I would look at the higher end certs like MCP and higher. If you can get certifications higher than A+, then the A+ won't mean squat to the employer.
    A+ really isn't that big of a deal anymore for getting started as just about any kid can build a pc nowadays.
  3. Here's a great site for exam prep material if you are planning on taking the Comptia A+ Certification Exam. The program includes 4 hours of training video and 3,500 practice questions... if you utilize this program you will pass the exam. It's cheap and has a whole bunch of features... check out the site and good luck on your exam!
  4. Great post. Nice information has been given. CompTIA is one of the best course. It gives a good future. I have recently passed the CompTIA A+ certification course recently. It was very useful for my future career. Now a days many online training are also available. Atiatraining is also one of them they give a good training. They provide a video training too.

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  5. When I took the tests a couple of years ago (16 at that time) for fun I was surprised by how easy it is. If you know your stuff already it should only take you 4 weeks at most to learn how to pass it. Fast forward to today working in the IT industry I would say A+ is a completely joke. This is how I'd do it if I was interviewing someone for a desktop support position today, I'd make them pass 3 uniquely created troubleshooting scenarios to test their skill and professionalism. Lets just say to pass 2/3 of my tests you'd be above-average already.

    As sturm said, MCP (now MCTS then MCITP) is sort of the minimal today.
    The real character tests are CCNA then CCNP.
  6. In my opinion if you have A+, no need to upgrade unless you're employer is paying for it and wants you to. The certification doesn't expire… though CompTIA recommends updating the certification to the most recent one. The problem is that it is fairly easy to get A+ so a lot of people have one. It's a good start though. I'm not too big on certifications myself, so I'm not sure which ones are in big demand right now. One advice would be whether you’re just starting your IT career or figuring out the next direction yours should take, it’s important to get a read on or IT training on where the industry is headed so you’ll know which skills and certifications are good and which ones aren’t worth your time.
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  8. Unfortunately CompTia have now changed their policy and have introduced cert expiry retrospectively.

    I think this is a very poor decision.
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