Should I buy heatsink?

Hey guyz, I feel like a real noob askin these questions, here's the deal...

I hav installed SpeedFan and checked the temps of my PC and the entries are like
Another Core

or sumthing similar

the main problem is the CPU, I'm too embarassed to mention its temp, SO EFFING HOT without load, like I wanna stop using the PC bcoz of it. (somewhere between 65 to 100 C, go ahead, guess)

I am looking into buying the Thermaltake Contac 29, but I am unsure if this will help, it's a heatsink for the CPU, but will it help cooldown the CPU entry? Yeah, I know, its a dumb question, but many people talk about the temps of cores of the cpu, I wanna make sure its the CPU its cooling and not just those cores. Some articles and FAQS about SpeedFan suggests that it may be different stuff in my Mobo's sensors, maybe the CPU is just sumthing a sensor picked up but its not really the CPU.

Also askin, is there much of a difference I'll get in temps switching to COntac 29 from my stock heatsink.

The CPU is in my sig
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  1. Oh crap, sig doesn't work for now. My Mobo is Intel DG31PR and my CPU is PEntium DUal Core E5400 @ 2.7GHZ
  2. Oh crap, sig doesn't work for now. My Mobo is Intel DG31PR and my CPU is PEntium DUal Core E5400 @ 2.7GHZ

    Oh and BTW, the temps are also like that with Everest Ultimate Edition
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    Those temps are very idle? You shouldn't get above 55c - 70c under full load using intel stock cooling, if the heatsink & fan isn't installed improperly, or dieing. Have you checked to make sure the heatsink is secured correctly, and the proper amount of pressure has been applied? what's the air flow setup like in your rig? front intakes, side intakes, rear Exhaust, top exhaust? Might seem like a stupid question, but did you use thermal compound when installing the heatsink? Have you blown the fins out to make sure their isn't any dust build up? I don't know about the next guy, but if I was having that problem I'd take the heatsink off, check to make sure it's nice and dust free, and clean off the thermal grease (if their is any), before applying a fresh coat of ocz freeze, as5, or one of the other decent brands. I'd check to make sure my airflow is setup correctly, and all fans are working. If this all fails, while the heatsink fan seems to be working fine, I would then start thinking about checking to make sure my board isn't warped, and so on. In general a good heatsink & fan should outperform the stock intel offering by anywhere from 5-15c, without lapping. But, your temps using stock cooling shouldn't be that high, if everything is installed and working correctly. What are your board temp like, and is the power supply throwing a lot of hot air? Oh, and just to make sure we're all on the same page, this is at stock clocks, or overclocked? Also, before buying that heatsink make sure it will fit in your case, and on your board. If you're running a micro atx setup that might not fit.
  4. Your heat sink , might be falling off ,if your temps are that high. Even with a stooped fan?
    I'm not sure they would be that high. You need to open your case and look.
    For a stock e5400, no o/c, you don't need a aftermarket hsf. I have a 2.2 e4500 dual core
    That never goes above 52c with prime 95, they just don't put much heat out.

    edit: I read your also using everest, so I put this part at the end.

    I like real temp and hardware monitor better than speed fan
    This gives you core temp, and cpu 'case' temp, which is the top of the cpu VS core
    Cpu 'case' will be the lower temp, its max is around 73c, core temp max can be much higher.
    Thats not necessarily very good though.
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  6. thanks for all that sebpayneinc, no need to answer questions or continue this thread, will try to fix the problem with ur guidelines :D
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