Overclocked E5200 not working above 3GHz


all the time I am reading here how the Intel E5200 is a good overclocker, often going above 4 GHz without that much effort. Therefore I am trying to understand why my piece is not willing to work anywhere above 3 GHz.

My setup is:
CPU: INTEL Pentium Dual Core E5200 + Arctic-Cooling Freezer 7 Pro
RAM: Kingston 4GB (kit 2x 2GB) 800MHz
Not sure how relevant is the rest of the components, there is a 350W 80+ certified PSU, Radeon HD4830 and 2 SATA drives, DVD writer, the usual stuff. Running on 64bit Win7, but experiences were the same with 32bit XP.

The CPU is completely stable anywhere below 2.75 GHz, with no voltage increase or other modifications to BIOS. The temperature in this case is always below 40 C

Between 2.75 GHz and 3 GHz, it still is able to start, the OS usually boots, but Prime95 usually kills it within hours (either in the form of a BSOD or a system lockup). The temperature is never above 50 C

Whatever setting above 3GHz will not allow the computer to start at all (black screen, not even possible to enter BIOS). I tried to increase the voltage as high as I thought reasonable. The only effect was that with voltage well beyond 1.3V, the computer sometimes starts, but freezes before the OS can boot.

If anyone would be kind enough to suggest what I can try to improve the overclocking performance, I am open to suggestions.
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