How to 'see' U320 SCSI drive in U160 system?

I have a NEC Express 5800/TM1400 server which up till now has had Ultra 160 scsi drives in it. These are full and I purchased a pair of Maxtor Ultra 320 drives to replace them. The Maxtors are supposed to be backward compatible with Ultra 160 systems, but when booting up the scsi utility doesn't find the new U320 discs. Does anyone know how to get the system to 'see' the new Maxtor discs please? My head is fit to explode!! Many thanks, Jack.
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  1. Are they Plugged into a back plane or just single drives? If they are just daisy chained by the cable see if you have the scsi ID's set correctly and make sure your scsi chain it terminated correctly or you wont see the drives. They will work on your setup just quite a bit slower than they could be.

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