PSU for a new build - futureproof for gtx285 SLI.

Hello guys!
I am going to build a new desktop with a single gtx285 + 3xHDDs + 6gbs RAM
+ i7 920 (stock clock speeds), all this in a case with 3xfans pre installed.
I am calculating the PSU requirements to around 450-500watts at the most.

But I want to turn this new build into a somewhat future proof build:
In two years i will add another gtx285 + get 6more gigs of ram + either overclock the 920 i7 or go for an i7 965.
Will a potential inclusion of a water cooling system add a lot of watts or this shouldn't be a factor?
I don't want to spend two times the money for a PSU so i am wondering what kind of power the second setup will need? around 900w? less?more?
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  1. I would say Corsair 1000HX
  2. I picked up a Corsair HX1000W for 179.99$, just shop around, but alot of places are out of stock sometimes its worth the wait. You'll probably never hit the 1000W mark, but you'll be close 800-850ish after your upgrades.
  3. thanks for the input.What about watercooling? getting rid of some fans will save some power but what will a pump add to the system?
  4. Here is a link to a power supply calculator:

    The result will be the total for the entire system and it will be overestimated because there are a lot of cheap, low quality psu's of questionable performance that people insist on buying.

    Corsair is a high quality brand that consistently earns high marks in technical reviews and comparisons. The Corsair psu's are stable and very reliable. It's one of three brands most often recommended by veteran posters at this forum.
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