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I have tried the switching of the config. file in msi afterburner to allow me to overclock my visiontek 5850 past the ccc limits but after i save the new settings and restart afterburner, everything freezes and i have to restart my computer----does anyone have any answers or suggestions ? i know i could get alot more out of my cards but cant find a way---any advice or help would be greatly appreciated---
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  1. If your OC settings are freezing the computer, it's too much for your card. What are you setting the core and mem to? On stock volts a lot of people can't go over around 850 core and 1200 mem, which is a lot. I was able to push my core up higher with more voltage, up to 985 core with 1.225V (stock is 1.087V I think).

    Also, did you make sure to un-tick the ATI Overdrive box in CCC?
  2. after i change the cng. file i cant oc at all----even trying 726 core it freezes ???? and i double checked but yes i un-ticked it----but i mean if i run afterburner without changing anything i can oc with it up to thee ccc limits --- as soon asi change the 0 to a 1 and save it and restart it---any oc i try completely freezez my rig up andi have to restart it ???
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