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I'm currently running a bad PC. I've read tons of forums of problems I am having that other people have created and most people don't really know what they are talking about, so I am looking for someone who actually knows World of Warcraft very well and on top of that, obvioulsy computers very well. Right now I am running these specs.

AMD64 3000+
1gig memory
7200 harddrive
x850xt ati card

Normally in a very low-populated area i run around 25fps and looking straight at a wall I can jump up to 65 or so. Downside is this game doesn't have much unpopulated areas and I am a very serious raider and PVPer. My system also runs around 90%-100% CPU usage when WoW is open. And to answer the next questions. No it's not my computer's hardware... It's simply WoW owning my system. I've built 3 new PCs for friends recently and I have an idea on what is good, although I am also looking for the cheapest price. I will not be buying anymore AMD products just because I've had bad experiences with them, and that's how people are. So I'll definitely be looking at either a Duo, Quad, or i7, although the i7 is very hefty in price at the moment.

In game I run settings at the very minimum, except spell detail is maxed for raiding. I also have to run 1680x1050 because I have some very weird UI issues that I've dealt with, but would like to keep running that resolution. I'd also like to max out all the detail and distance settings.

For example, my guild does Sartharion 3 drakes and I run about 8fps MAX and 5fps AVERAGE when all the adds are out and fighting and it is finally unplayable. I'd like to have something more consistent of around 30fps at all times, obviously I would like higher, but 30 minimum in heavy situations.

If anyone is knowledgeable with WoW and computers, I'd greatly appreciate your assistance here on specifics. Also... if you happen to be on blackrock and are able to satisfy my needs I'll gladly give you a good portion of gold!


Under 750$, but if it can be as cheap as possible. I'd like that even better.
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  1. Is that a PCI-Express video card? If so you could upgrade your video card to a 9800GTX+ and see how that works for you and then upgrade the rest of your system later. You may need to upgrade you PSU as well depending on the model and quality of your current PSU.

    If it's not a PCI-Express capable motherboard then i would reccomend building an entirely new system around a P43 P45 or P35 motherboard.

    Check out this thread for more specific recommendations:
  2. seem like the overhual to the graphic on wow that wotlk brought is owning ur sys but if it is just happening recently than you might be having bloatware on your comp. P45 board, E8400, 9800GT, 2g of ram becasue you can find a 2x1 kit for around 35-50 dollar. Yes I am a wow player.
  3. So you want a list of parts to buy to build your own computer?
    I'm feeling bored and generous, this is the best you can get for your money, i guarantee it.

    You'll be lag-free forever with WoW on the highest settings, too bad you want nvidia though.

    Here ya go:




    Power Supply:

    Video Card :

    Case: (entirely up to you, but this provides great cooling, if you buy extra fans, and is cheap and not too flashy) -

    add 3/4 of these :

    And that, total

    = $667.39, without shipping, with shipping, about 701.05-710.00

    Now you're getting an 9800gtx+, you're going to run anything out there my friend, no more lagging in PvP =].

    Hope I helped you out.
  4. ^+1 nice build. And yeah, a 4850 would have been better
  5. Thanks everyone for your input so far.

    Yea I currently have an ATI and I actually love this card, its very powerful. In fact, if I were to just upgrade the processor I'm sure I could run decent frames. I know my processor is holding me back. The reason I'm after an Nvidia card is because I'm much more familiar with their drivers and the cards themselves now. Like I said, I've built 2 computers so far for some friends just for WoW and they both are on nvidia cards and running very well.

    Here's their specs incase anyone was curious.

    Computer 1:
    INTEL Core 2 Duo e8200
    nvidia 8600
    dont recall exact motherboard, but its just a basic not top of the line thing
    2gigs ocz 1066 ddr2

    That computer runs amazing.

    Computer 2:
    INTEL core 2 quad q9400
    nvidia 9800GTX
    Asus p5q3
    4gigs ocz 1600 ddr3

    And obviously this one smashes WoW.

    My friend has the exact card in that post, jesseheicher, and we had a lot of trouble because of the size. I probably should look into making sure the case can hold it. :P

    That's my reasoning for the nvidia and intel products. Again, I appreciate the responses. Anyone else have more ideas? Maybe a little bit less expensive with similar performance in WoW?
  6. I play WoW a lot and I can tell from your system spec that your system memory and graphic card is what is really holding you back. You're running at a pretty high resolution and your graphic card is choking hard. If you're looking for a budget system and that can run WoW then here are the specs I recommend. I'm building a new system myself but my system is quite a bit more expensive then what I'm recommending you but let's face it. WoW is a pretty old game it's not going to push the graphic card envelopes but the system below will fit the bill very well and then some.

    Antec 900 Case: Great case with awesome air flow. You can find this for much cheaper around the net. Only using Newegg as a reference point.

    Gigabyte P45 Motherboard: P45 chipset boards are quickly becoming the mainstream for Intel chips. Cheaper then the X series chips with most of the same features. This particular board will support Crossfire or two way SLI so if you ever want to upgrade to a second video card in the future then it will be ready for you. You don't have to get Gigabyte, the other board manufacturers back good P45 boards to. The feature you want to look for in a P45 board is dual PCI express slots. Most of the other features are pretty standard across all the boards. So pick the one that you like best. DD3 is a bit of a overkill for this type board so not a great feature to have.

    Intel Core 2 Duo E7300 Wolfdale 2.66GHz 3MB L2 Cache LGA 775 Dual-Core Processor: The E7000 series processors are a great price and overclocking potential is really high with this series. I would of recommended the E7200 instead but the prices for the two are exactly the same. Remember that this series process using the smaller 45nm die.

    OCZ Platinum 4GB (2 x 2GB) DDR2 SDRAM 066 (PC2 8500) Dual Channel Kit: Really good price right now for DDR2 memory. Prices are dropping big time. OCZ makes a good set but so do Corsair and others. Just make sure you find a good dual channel kit with low latency and timing.

    ASUS EAH4850 TOP/HTDI/512M Radeon HD 4850 512MB 256-bit GDDR3 PCI Express 2.0 x16 HDCP Ready CrossFire Supported Video Card: Why did I recommend the Radeon 4850 over the Nividia's? The 4850's performance is on par or better then the Nividia's 8800's and 9800's plus the pricing for the 4850's have been steadily dropping. Two 4850's in Crossfire configuration offers massive graphics power and is on par with a GTX 280. Will it help WoW? No, since WoW doesn't take advantage of Crossfire but it will kick ass in other games. Buy one now upgrade to a second later.

    OCZ StealthXStream OCZ600SXS 600W ATX12V / EPS12V SLI Ready Active PFC Power Supply: A 600W PS should be plenty for your needs. It will power most things and be able to juice up that 2nd graphic card when you want to upgrade. If you don't really think your going to go Crossfire or SLI then a 500W or 400W is good enough. I would go 600W just cause it's a good price point for power supplies and it still has plenty of juice.

    Not going to recommend any other parts cause everything else is up to your taste. Those are the core parts that will make or break your WoW system build.

    Total Price Before Rebates: $657
    Total Price After Rebates: $542

    This system will give you all you need for WoW and more with the ability to easily upgrade for the future.
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