I7-930 idle and load temp questions

First off, I have recently installed a hyper 212 plus in my non overclocked 1366 rig. According to HW Monitor with the stock intel HSF I was getting idle temps in the mid 40's and under full load prime 95 was reaching 82 celsius. Now with the new HSF I'm getting 34-36 idle and 61 celsius with prime95. Are these temps on par with what most others are reporting? Also I should ask if using something like artic silver 5 would be significantly better than the included cooler master goo that I'm using now.

Next, I have a lower priced lian li case and am wondering if I added this add on fan setup would I get better temps? My case right now has the one front 140mm intake and a small 120mm exhaust at the back with the hyper pushing air towards the exhaust in an east west config. I'm mainly confused on what the best way to get better airflow would be as I also have the option of buying a different top panel that would allow for a fan or even a side panel that would support two fans.

Thanks in advance!
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  1. I saw this posted in another topic, not sure what processor it is for though (see image below). As for the performance of Artic Silver 5 vs generic thermal compound, that depends on the quality. I've never used the CM compound before but i'd guess that the difference wouldnt be any more than 2-6 degrees.

    More fans might be a good idea. I'm using a midtower lian-li v1000b and I have three 120mm fans (one front, rear and side.) My case could benefit from converting some 5.25 bays to a fan so yours most likely will as well. Keep in mind that you would have a 140+120 in and only a 120+psu out so it might be a good idea to have another exhaust running on low (but thats just my opinion)

  2. That chart I'm not even going to comment on.

    @OP, just as long as you are going to leave it at stock speed and NOT oc your good to go, temps look fine.
  3. Thanks for the advice. Is it true that most of the time installing a side intake fan isn't really beneficial to the air circulation since it just creates turbulence? Would it be better to use an exhaust fan or just a vent on the top and maybe just have a vent on the side?
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    @the chart
    I just happened to see the chart and I thought it might be of some use. I didnt have time to search for anything else when I posted.

    I'm not anywhere close to being an HVAC engineer but your statement sounds about half right to me. While it does increase turbulence it does let in some cooler air from outside the case which can lower your case temperature.

    I'd say the best cooling arrangement for that case would be to have air enter from the front and to exit out the rear and the rear of the top panel. If I was in your situation then i'd most likely add either a 120mm fan to the top or get one of those lian-li pci slot fans from frozencpu.
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  6. cool. thanks again!
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