Gtx 260 SLI @ 2560 x 1600

I think I am gonna fly start gaming at 2560 x 1600 and I was jw as I already have 1 gtx 260 if I just add another will that be enuff power to run that size screen or do i need to get 2 gtx 280s or a 295?
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  1. i really wanna know this aswell.... im thinking on upgrading my monitor to 30inch (currently on a 24 in) i have one ggtx 260 right now so i thought trowing another one in. would it do the job in SLI?. any one? can a gtx 260 sli handle 2560x1600 on the latest games?
  2. Benchmarks maybe you lazy expletive

    Such a great use of extra cash btw :sarcastic: don't go donating it or anything useful ;)
  3. Maybe, depending on what graphic settings you use. See following review for benchmarks. Note: Some benchmarks do not include the GTX 260 SLI'ed like Far Cry 2.
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