How To Build A Computer..

Quite a few times I see folks asking for info on how to build their computer,,so,,in an effort to provide some small aid I offer the following..
BTW ,,I am sure that there are more such sites out there...
C'mon people there are lots of noobs who need the help give forth with your findings,after all 'tis the season to give...:)
Sooo here's the first one...

Remember these sites sometimes do change the setup from time to time....")
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  1. haha, ill speak for the noobs when i say, thank you :bounce:
  2. I second the noob sentiment. Awesome tutorial.
  3. thanks for the link... really appreciate it..
  4. That is a fairly good guide. There are others, in fact many others. Corsair has one with nicer pictures. Youtube has videos :)
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