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I am getting a popup from Windows 7 every once in a while saying it has found an error on the hard disk and I need to backup my files.

I built my computer not to long ago with no problems at all. The computer acts normal and I am not having any problems but every couple of days I see this message pop up :??:

I have run a checkdisk or scandisk whatever it's called and it said it couldn't find any problems with the HD.

Any ideas?
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    Pop-up or not, you should backup your system at regular intervals.

    Hard disks are generally very robust devices, but occasionally they do fail prematurely. This link will provide more information:
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  3. Ive seen brand new hard drives fail right out of the box.
  4. I had the same issue this morning after installing microsoft updates on my friends i decided to remove those updates and the hard disk error was gone i'm not just sure which one is affecting the HD cuz there are 40 microsoft updates
    in there...
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