Need help: new computer: direct x


I just got my new computer last week,
And I installed warcraft 3, it worked fine

Now today I reformatted my hard drives, and installed warcraft 3 again
It says: warcraft 3 was unable to initialize directx. Please ensure you have 8.1 or higher and that your display drivers are current.

Well, when I go to dxdiag, it tells me: Direct-X version: DirectX 10

Thats 8.1 or higher right??

Or is there something wrong with my drivers??

I don't know anything about drivers I just reinstalled my vista and formated my drives, so I don't know what happened

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  1. Sounds like the problem is when you re-loaded Vista, you did not reload DirectX9.0L.

    DirectX10 is a Vista only API. It's not backwards compatible with XP or applications that require DirectX9 or lower. DirectX9L (for Longhorn, Vista's code name), is a package that allows directx9 compliance in Vista.

    -Wolf sends
  2. Thanks, so I have to install directx 9 to be able to play more games??
    And how do I get rid of directx10 and get 9??

  3. I got it to work (installed the ATI driver from the website, end the directx
    Now my sound doesn't work and my itnernet goes uberslow, what to do???
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