Visiontek ati radeon 3650 1g over clocked edtion

Hello everyone im a noob here and need help bad. I'm in the process of building my first computer and I want to use the ati crossfire system. Heres the list of everything im useing for the build. An asus m2r32 motherboard, amd scoket am2 athlon 6400+ 3.2g winsor processor, 4 2g memory sticks, 2 visiontek ati radeon 3650 1g over clocked edtion cards, 2 wd 500gb sata hdd, and windows vista 64bit os. Heres the problem the 2 video cards have no where for the ati crossfire bridge interconnect cable to go and i've tried to find all the info i could on the video cards but can not find anything about the crossfire bridge nore can i even find a crossfire bridge for the 3650 card. Does that mean i dont need the bridge connector? will the cards and motherboard set there self to crossfire mode without the bridge? any info would be very helpful. thanks for any and all help.
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  1. Buy a single HD4850 and you will beat both of those cards together. The HD3650 is old and was low-midrange when it was released. Just because it has 1GB of VRAM doesn't mean a thing, especially since you won't be able to run with the graphics high enough to use that much memory. Forget crossfire unless you buy at least 2 HD4850s, it's just not worth it in the low end, especially since some games just don't work right with crossfire, which would reduce you to using a single 3650.
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