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I was looking at a friends PC, he has 2x 8800GTX in SLI and they idle at around 60-65C no idea what load temps are, his CPU is fine at 35C. I tried doing a clean reinstall of the drivers and adjusting the fan speeds with riva tuner, even tried setting them at 100%, I can feel the air come out faster but not much, and the fans are quite, barely making any noise, I would think i would be able to hear them at 100%, are the fans bad on them or what...
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  1. If memory serves, the 8800GTX's fans weren't exactly all that noisy to begin with. Graphics cards are also designed to operate at much higher temperatures than CPUs are, so while I'm not sure if 60C is a good temperature for them to idle at, I'm sure that they aren't in much trouble.
  2. 8800 GTXs are relatively hot running, and the fans are quiet. I wouldn't worry about it, unless they are artifacting or something seems wrong.
  3. +1 cjl.
    those were good cards but they do run hot. doesn't seem to be an issue overall.
  4. I own a winfast 7600gt, before i changed my heatsink to a aftermarket one it had idle temps like 52-62 degrees celcius (summer). But after I changed the heatsink to Evercool VC-RF (very affordable since its for my old card), applied thermal compound tuniq TX-3, it idles around 47 degrees celcius. I am happy with the temp of my gpu now :)
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