Safe temps for core i3-530?

Hi everyone, my i3-530 is running at 160x22 ( about 3.5ghz). I am currently running Prime95 stress tests with hwmonitor up to show me the max temp the cpu reaches. What is the highest safe temp for an i3-530? It was basically an auto-overclock after enabling XMP for my memory to reach 1600mhz at 7-8-7-24-2t timings
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    i would say max about 80, but i dont know cause i have a i7, which is 45nm, while the i3 is 32nm(i think) so i would say go for 80, but if you are staying at that temp all the time, i would go for 70ish.
  2. alright thanks, ran it through prime95 for almost four hours, then i got impatient cause i just wanted to use the comp. the highest it got was 53C on core 1 and 56C on core 2 so i think i should be fine
  3. My i3-530 is now at 3.5Ghz, and on full load, with prime95, I got a max of 59c. And that is with prime95, I don't think any game is that intense. Weird issue after that though, my small case fan in the front of tower is now running high 24/7,,,,crazy
  4. Why are you digging up a year old topic?
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