FANLESS low-power mothoerboard, VGA

I'm looking for a low-power, linux-capable box for around $200.

Required features:
- capable of fanless operation (heat sinks OK, fans are not)
- Modern processor instruction set (Intel, ARM, PPC) for linux ease.
- Able to run *BSD or GNU/Linux
- VGA out to drive an LCD monitor (1280x1024 min. resolution)
- DIMM socket for memory expansion (to 1G or 2G RAM is fine)
- base system can run on 20W power or less (ideally 12W power, 12V at 1A)
- 3-4 USB 2.0 connections
- able to have multiple wired network connections
[PCI expansion is OK, dual ethernet and 802.11b/g/s/n interface is best.]

Nice to have:
- power supply on board, so I can run it on 12VDC @ 1 or 2 A
- able to run Windows XP
- able to expand RAM to 4G if needed

If it helps, here are features I don't need:
- 3d accelerated graphics
- SATA connections, since it will boot from a USB stick or SD/MMC card.)

You can think of this as a netbook for desktop use, or a carputer I can power with solar cells.

I'm aware of the EEE Box, but it is priced at around $300 most places I've looked. I'm looking for something with this cost profile:

$100 motherboard,
$20-$30 for RAM,
$15-$50 for a case if I want one
$5-$15 for the 12VDC power brick if I don't reuse one from USB Hub or a Linksys router
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    yawarra sells an ALIX 1 system from PC Engines

    However, they don't have the DIMM socket (memory only goes to 512M RAM), and are a little bit out of your price range for your specs.
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