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Hey can anyone help me a friend just bought a new video card for his computer and his power supply was not strong enought to run the card and I just happened to have a working stronger power supply that was at least recommended i hooked everything correctly and the only thing running are a few lights ccan anyone help thanx

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  1. your forgot the 12v atx on top by the cpu

    unplug everything and make sure you did not break somthing

    check the memory

    you need more details
  2. Yes. Post system specs of both your friend's system and yours.
  3. my friends computer is a pentium 4 2.8 with a gig of ram and 80 gig hard drive his old power supply was a 170 watt and his comp cam with a graphic card at 128 radeon and it was starting to mess up so when he went to get a new car he upgraded and got a 256 graphics card and it was asking for a power supply run min of 300 and i had one from a old custom computer of mine that was also a pentium 4 and so i did install that power supply into his and plugged in every plug that needs to be plugged in and when i go to turn it on all i am getting is a orange light bliking next to the on switch and th green light from the cd drive and nothing else not even the fan to the power supply was running any suggestions in what might not be right or can be wrong.....
  4. Still not enough info. We need model numbers. More than likely you are fogeting to plug in everything you unplugged to change the psu. Or your old psu is so full of dust and hair that it is shot.
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